D&D Coating Services Provided To Coral Springs

Relax. We're affordable and reliable.
Relax. We’re affordable and reliable.
Here at D&D Coatings we offer a huge menu of services we provide at the very best prices in town for top-quality work. Keep in mind that if by chance you don’t see the service you are interested in, it doesn’t mean we won’t do it. No job is too small!

We will work together with you in a personal manner to perform the work you are seeking. It only takes an email or a phone call to get a quick response from us and setup a quote. You can also view samples of our work in the photo gallery.

Exterior Painting:

Exterior Trim includes facia, drip cap, garage door and front door of average size home.

Professional exterior painting includes cleaning, mildew treatment, sealing, caulking, and patching. We use quality exterior paint from Sherwin Williams.

Roof painting includes cleaning and mildew treatment using Energy Saver White. We don’t skimp on paint quality like some of our competitors. We use real roof paint designed not to chip, peel, and flake!

Popcorn ceiling painting service for entire house! Stairs and closets slightly higher. Interior painting jobs quoted by size, time, and materials involved. Call today for your quotes!


Clogged roof gutter cleaning.

Say goodbye to tedious rust cleaning!!! Rust removal service for entire house and walkway!

Brick pavers pressure cleaned and sealed!

Roof pressure cleaning!

Fence cleaning and Thompson sealer applications. Price depends on size of fencing. Woodens docks and deck cleaning and sealing. Garage floor pressure cleaned, acid washed, and sealing service!

Chatahoochee Pros pressure cleaned, acid washed, bleached, AND 2 coats of quality sealer!

Assorted Services:

  • Cool Decks! Can be applied over any surface of old cool decking!
  • Brick and walkway stenciling! Turn that dull and boring slab of cement into a focal point with appeal and function. Small porches, side slabs, and patios all come to life with our popular stencil patterns!
  • Exterior mildew rinse. Takes the stain off – not the paint!
  • Patio screen beams!
  • Flat and barrel roof tile repair!
  • Driveway black topping with quality sealer and filler!
  • Roof re-glazing. Sick and tired of yearly roof cleaning? Re-glaze it!
  • Windows frame orange, faded, and just plain ugly? Call or email today for our refinishing service!
  • Valley coating!
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing!
  • Bring the warm rich texture of wood to your metal garage and house doors with our faux woodgrain finish.
  • Light landscaping including tree trimming, mulching, sodding and river rock placement.